Plant-based 100% Compostable 100% Biodegradable      Tall Kitchen Trash bags – 13 gallon

The Real Heavy Duty Compostable Bags made from Corn Starch

100% Certified Compostable  and 100% Certified Biodegradable by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) under US ASTM D6400 and by TUV Austria under European EN 13432 Standard (OK Compost)

Bag dimensions: 23.75 in x  29 in x 1.25MIL / 60.3 cm x 73.7 cm x 31 μm 

Bag capacity: 13 Gallons / 49.2 litres

Bags per pack: 52 bags

The highest quality corn starch trash bag for replacing conventional plastic bags. The bags were designed for heavy duty use – 1.25 MIL thickness but friendly with Mother Nature once disposed of. The bags are 100% certified Compostable and 100% Biodegradable (Certified By American BPI and European OK Compost)

These bags are designed to be strong and have superior leak protection so you can forget about other compostable bags that degrade too early and can cause a mess when you pick up your filled trash bag.

UniDomum bags have up to 50% thicker material than most bags without compromising on its compostable properties. These are made from 100% Eco friendly components that are NON-GMO and are certified in the US and Europe by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) and OK Compost Home /Industrial.

Main Benefits:

    • Superior Leak-proof material (superior raw material with up to 50% thicker than other bags)
    • 100% Eco-Friendly and Certified Compostable bags – US ASTM D6400 and OK Compost Home and Industrial by TUV Austria
    • Fits most tall bins at 13 Gallon size and can be used for Home Composting
    • Best value for money compostable bags

Use and Care instructions:

    Use within a maximum of 1 year from purchase. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid excessive heat.