Our Story and core values

We are a small company based in London, United Kingdom, that aims to provide the best quality Eco-friendly products and services worldwide. Our main goal is to bring to the market the latest state-of-the-art sustainable products by doing extensive specialist research, real world product testing and premium level quality checks. 

Our team is focused on customer feedback so we make this our prime requirement when designing new products and services. Everyone at UniDomum truly believes in our mission and the value it brings to our communities and mother nature.

Eco-friendly, Green and Sustainable Eco-systems

Focus in delivering products that do not damage the environment and products that encourage nature to flourish.

Best Quality Products

Deliver best quality products that can successfully replace everyday environmental harmful household items. 

Respect for every life

Eco-friendly and natural products to ensure safety from dangerous chemicals and toxic waste for a better and healthier planet.

Passion & Motivation

We truly believe that our services bring value to our communities.  The passion for our mission gives us purpose and motivation for continuous improvement and it drives as our endless source of energy.

Customer first

To deliver green products centred around meeting customer needs and creating delightful brand experiences. Deliver excellent customer service.

Transparency & Dependability

We are being visible and honest about the actions we take. At the same time we strive to provide reliable solutions for our customer’s everyday needs. We value consistency, hard work and respect as a key to building trust.

Our Mission

To create a single online resource to make every home a more Eco-friendly, Green and Sustainable environment.

Our Vision

To give people the power to change the Planet’s future starting with our Homes.